Authentication of clothing

Determining whether a piece of clothing is genuine or not is not simple.

Over the past few years, we have checked the authenticity of hundreds of garments before putting them up for sale.

We have collected data on all garments that have been inauthentic to learn about checking the authenticity of new garments we check.

We check all garments extremely carefully to minimize the risk to 0%. We check a garment in many different ways, some of which are: logos, the material, seams, washcloths, smell, shape, zippers, barcodes, patches, boxes, tags and many other things on each garment.

We have a very big interest in shoes and clothes and share several years of experience in this type of clothing. This passion means that we have a very good grasp of whether an item is genuine or not.

We at Wear The Hype take authenticity very seriously and work hard against inauthentic products in this market.